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“GUITAREST TRIO” - Universal Guitar Support (acoustic, classical, flamenco)

“Hello Diego,

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order yesterday! Your service is very fast, thank you!

Also, I am extremely satisfied by the "DE ORO GUITAREST". I enjoyed the test and amazed at the result! The practice of classical guitar afflicted me of shoulder and spine pain. After a few hours of using this little accessory, I felt no harm! Moreover, adaptation was immediate!

Thanks again and happy to be your customer.”

Robert, Canada

“Diego, hombre,

What a great design for flamenco guitar.  It’s better for my spine when I practice and perform.  It’s so comfortable.  It’s perfect.  Well done!”

Marcial Heredia, Spain


Now I don’t have to worry about carrying my footstool.  I throw the Guitar Support in my case and it’s with me whenever I need it.  Thanks Diego!”

Senad, Bosnia

“When I attached the ‘GUITAREST TRIO’ Guitar Support, the benefits were obvious immediately

      * No backache from hunching over to reach my guitar

      * Longer practice endurance

      * Improved right hand position

      * I can sit up and face my audience

Many Thanks,”

Chris, United Kingdom, Channel Islands

“I really like this support.  You’ve made a good product.”

Scott, U.S.A.

“Now that I am using it I CAN'T be without it. 

With the ‘GUITAREST TRIO’ I can wear skirts and dresses and keep both feet flat on the floor while still being in excellent positioning to play properly and without pain.”

Candace, Toronto           read full testimonial

“The first thing I noticed with the GUITAREST “TRIO” is that my guitar sits in place and allows me "play it" without feeling like I have to control it.  I have also found the new position easier on my back and neck (the original reason I sourced the GUITAREST).  Thanks!”

Bruce, Canada

“...it's a miracle!”

Gilles, Quebec, Canada

“I have played classical guitar for many years with a foot stool but after years I have experienced some physical problems.

So I was searching for a better way to play without a foot stool. Today there are many tools that exist to help guitarists to play with more ease and I have tried some of them.


I have found this one very interesting for it versatility.


A few weeks ago, I bought one and I am very satisfied.

     -  First, the quality is very great

     -  It is very light

     -  It is easy to install and remove

     -  Many positions are possible for all style of acoustic playing

     -  It stays in place when installed


For me, the ‘GUITAREST TRIO’ is great. It is really a very good choice.  Thank you.”

Jean-Marc, Montreal, Quebec

“Your GUITAREST TRIO works very well, and is certainly a ‘Quality Product’ - Congratulations! I have tried it, and my students also quite liked it (trying to get them away from the footstools!).

The ‘GUITAREST’ DEFINITELY seems the MOST flexible (with the ‘across the lap’ and ‘right leg’) positions which will certainly work for many players.”

Dr. Stanley W. Alexandrowicz - Guitar Professor(D.M.A. Manhattan School of Music)

“Thanks Diego,

Its good. I had the one from ergoplay.  Thought I would try yours as a change and I'm not disappointed at all!

I can find comfortable positions on the right and left leg - really good for the hours of practice, and its less bulky.”

Joe, Spain

“This thing is great!  And I am also happy because it doesn’t leave scuff marks, doesn’t damage my instrument, and it’s not bulky.  I am going to order another one!”

Edith, U.S.A.

“This is truly wonderful; no more pain in my left leg and it is such a wonderful feeling to play with both feet on the ground!   Plus, I also found a position with the neck higher so that I can have a better and more comfortable look at my left hand.

I would very strongly, and without any hesitation, recommend the ‘GUITAREST’ to any classical guitarist ; it's a revolution and it's so simple!”

Mr. Strasbourg, Canada


“There is considerable improvement with my back pain.  Thank you for all your help, it has been very much appreciated!”

Max, Australia

“Thanks for the quick shipment of the ‘GUITAREST TRIO’, it's working very well on my classical guitar.”

Eric, Canada

“It is wonderful. I've tried 2 other kinds (the Dynarette of both sizes...they were unstable on my leg and angle requirements). Your product is perfect and easily transportable. Thank you for inventing a reasonable and practical product.”

Gamez, Canada

“It feels very good - Thank you”

Dominic, Ireland

“It is pretty cool.  Thanks.”

Michel, Canada

“I am totally sold now on using guitar supports over foot stools, and I have yet to find a better one than the ‘DE ORO TRIO’.  No classical guitarist should be without one.

Thank you for making this excellent product.  Thank you also for the excellent customer service. Wish you all the best! God bless you!

Warmest regards,”

S. Imperio, Canada        read full testimonial

“I like it!”

Vicente, Spain

“I am very much enjoying practicing with my new ‘GUITAREST’.  Thanks for making a well designed product.”

Kam, U.S.A.

“The support feels really comfortable and stable.

Great product, man!  Thanks,”

Jeff, Canada

“After only a few minutes of use I can see that with a little fine tuning and positioning that my ‘GUITAREST’ is going to work great! Thanks much. A great product!”

Mike, U.S.A.

“I love it.”

John, U.S.A.

“Dear Diego,

Thanks so much. I consider my shopping and personal customer service experience with you a pleasure. You truly have a fantastic product.”

John, U.S.A.

“I've tried every support system available including the standard foot rest without success.

Glad to notice this one does it for me!”

Harold, Netherlands

“An excellent product.  I think it will save my back.”

Jason, Canada

“The support is great.  It feels very comfortable and it's easy to install and carry around.”

Alex, Romania

“It's really great!  I'm enjoying it a lot. 

It's so nice that you can change the position to play classical or flamenco. It works really well.

Thank you very much.”

Humberto, U.S.A

“It looks and feels good. Carefully designed and strong enough for purpose but incredibly light.  Thank you again for an excellent deal.”

R. Jackson, United Kingdom

“I highly recommend the Guitarest Trio Guitar Support for guitar players so they can keep playing today and for life without injuries. Be kind to your body. :-)”

Sinai, Toronto

“I tried your products and they are very good and well done, congratulations!”

Lapo, Italy

“...I absolutely love it.  It is very well made and soooooo adjustable.

I was using a Gitano guitar support for years but have found your invention to be much more comfortable.  The GUITAREST TRIO allows me more flexibility in positioning the guitar, and keeps my back happy.

I wish I had known about your product years ago.”

Peggy, U.S.A.

“Your straps were highly regarded by my physical therapist and really saved my back.”

Michael, U.S.A.

“They are fantastic. really versatile , easy to use and comfortable too. Congratulations on a great product.

Thank you very much,”

Quoc, Australia

“What a great invention and design !!  I will recommend them anywhere !!”

Fridrik, Iceland

“Great, great product”

Ioan, United Kingdom

“I like it so much that I ordered 2 more!”

Luis, Portugal


“I absolutely love it and have been using it everyday since it arrived. It really helps with my posture and especially endurance..”

Benjamin, Canada

“It is superb. It makes playing while seated more comfortable.

Thank-you very much for an excellent product!”

Ben, Canada

“I like it very much”

Renee Labordus, U.S.A.

“I use the ‘GUITAREST’ with my full size Taylor all the time now! It's wonderful to eliminate the pain I get in my back. Thank you!!”

Joan, U.S.A.

“Your Guitar Support is great and has solved a lot of back problems for me.”

Dan, U.S.A

The "Guitarest Trio" works great! I´m buying another one for my little brother.

Enrique, Spain

“I am quite satisfied with it.  Good deal for the price and very simple to use.”

Stefano, Switzerland

“One more vote for De Oro!...my back is very happy.”

Marin, France

“It is very convenient.”

Dima, Israel

“I gotta tell you, these things are a Godsend!

I've played for three hours solid without any of the butt ache, shoulder ache or elbow ache.”

Joe, Canada

“I leave it permanently in position as it folds down nicely and allows my guitar, with the rest in position, to fit in my gigbag.”

David, England

“It looks and feels good. Carefully designed and strong enough for purpose but incredibly light.  Thank you for an excellent deal.”

Raymond, United Kingdom

“Works great!  Thanks.”

Bob, Canada

“I hope you continue to innovate and create superb products that will help guitarists enjoy healthy and comfortable playing.  Cheers!

Ramzi, Lebanon”

“I can now sit and practice for long periods without any of the postural aches which I used to get. It is easy to use and adjust. A simple quality product. It is certainly good value for money. Best of all I can carry it inside my guitar case!”

Len, New Zealand

“...the suction cups are remarkable in my opinion...fixing astonishingly safely on the guitar's curves; even over a long period of time the support doesn’t loose it's hold...”

Uli, Germany                  read full testimonial

“I tried many ergonomic support ideas - this is the best - sweet nifty idea.”

Larry, USA

“Got the guitar support, absolutely love it!  :-)   My flamenco is only 90mm wide and it still fits OK... very impressed.”

Peter, United Kingdom

“Thanks for sending the guitar support so promptly, it's build quality is excellent.

My hip ache has disappeared when playing, first time in ten years...marvellous!”

Andy, United Kingdom

“I, and 2 of my pupils have tested them from last year and they are absolutely superior!!”

Sigurdur, Iceland

“The frame, large suction cups, strong connections and thick nylon fabric are strong enough to hold a mountain climber but it is also lite!”

Brian, Australia

“I tried one of these at a jam on the weekend and was struck with their simplicity and effectiveness. That's a tough couple of features to deliver in one object!”

Joe, Canada

“The moment I put it on it felt like it had always been there and was the natural way to hold the guitar.  My hips & back and my chiropractor will be forever grateful.”

Les, Australia

“I am very, very happy with the rests. The lack of hip and lower back discomfort is resulting in longer practice and possibly better concentration. Love your product so far.”

Russ, Canada

“I assure you that I will be recommending your website and products to everyone I encounter who even looks like they play a guitar.”

Alan, U.S.A.

“I just got the support, its works perfectly!! I don’t know if I want to play a guitar without out one now.”

Steve, U.S.A.

“Thank you for the well thought out support, and very importantly, the FiniSHIELD.”

Christopher, U.S.A.

“I have been using the “GUITAREST TRIO” and find it very comfortable and decided to get one for my Dad.”

Todd, Canada

“Thanks to it I now have a relaxed posture when I'm playing. My back will appreciate this for sure.

Thank you for sending them so fast.”

Mihai, Romania

“It is as easy as it says in the video.”

Matthew, Australia

“Thank you for your great product, and your thoughtful and innovative solution to the physical problems that can come from serious guitar playing!”

Theresa, U.S.A.

“I have been really enjoying the Guitar Support. I've found that the high classical position seems to work the best for me as it is the most stable for both hands and gets my right hand into the perfect position.”

Emil, U.S.A.

“...like that it is foldable and fits easily into the case, and that it is so darn comfortable.”

Theresa, U.S.A.

“I love the lap position, I find I can sit for hours with no back problems.”

Chris, Spain

“It is every thing as advertised.  Sturdy and flexible as could be.  I love the GUITAREST TRIO a lot.”

Chung-Yi, Taiwan

“Very impressed with it”

Otto, Canada

“I give the GUITAREST TRIO my highest recommendation.”

Larry, U.S.A.

“Very happy with the GUITAREST TRIO.”

George, Canada

“Your GUITAREST is working quite well for me.”

Sudi, U.S.A.

“Works great.”

Otto, Canada

“It’s perfect for travelling.”

Fernando, Spain

“Our guitar school is switching over to it and now recommending it in place of the ergoplay.”

Wayne, U.S.A.

“It's brilliant.

Thanks for the superb product and excellent service.”

Ed, United Kingdom

“Best thing I ever bought for guitar other than the instruments themselves.”

Andy, United Kingdom

“Great customer service. too bad all companies are not like this”

Darian, Canada

“I bought a rest from you about 18 months ago; it has served me very well and has helped cure a back problem.”

Georges, England

“Both my guitar rests work very well and my guitar teacher now has one as well.”

Brian, United Kingdom

“Great product, still my favorite among all guitar supports.”

George, U.S.A.

“I would like to thank you for the “GUITAREST TRIO.” I used it last week during a concert and I really appreciated for its comfort.

I am very glad I bought it.

Ciao e grazie!”

Stefano, Italy

“This surely is an exellent product. Very light and very easy to install and remove.

My back really loves it. It`s a much more natural way to hold the guitar.”

Frank, Denmark

Comfort & Durability

2” (50mm) strap and pad for even weight distribution.  Heavy nylon material for long life.

Heavy Duty Cups

For long service life.

Stainless Steel Flex Frame

The flexible frame reduces torsion on the cups to ensure secure hold.

Will maintain it’s looks for a lifetime.

Smooth Glide Folding

Suction Cup post rides on bare stainless steel for smooth, silent folding. 

The original De Oro support is the most affordable in the De Oro lineup while still offering all the ease and practicality associated with De Oro supports.

  1. Simple to use

  1. Convenient: Transports in case

  1. Versatile: Right leg, Left leg, Lap postitions

  1. Flex Frame

  1. Durable: Steel frame, Nylon strap

  1. Adjusts in seconds


  1. Universal for: acoustic, classical or flamenco

  (<92mm see FlamencoLoco)

  1. Made & inspected in Canada


Canada  3 - 6 business days

U.S.A.    5 - 8 business days

Europe, Australia, South America 

              6 - 10 business days

Worldwide Shipping


We are verified to ensure our customers a safe & secure transaction.

!00% Secure - 256 SSL Encryption

Price: Reg. $43

Sale $31.99

Important Recommendations:

 Use with a High Gloss Finish only.
Keep the cups and your guitar clean.
Width of frame cups is 9.3 cm.  For narrow guitars see “FlamencoLoco” guitar support.
Not recommended for use on Nitro-Cellulose finishes (i.e. Gibson & Martin)flamencoloco.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

Universally designed with the needs of all guitarists in mind.

  1. The original De Oro Guitar Support that started it all!

  2. Built with the strongest materials to last a lifetime, yet still

  compact & transportable.

  1. Right leg, Left leg, or lap.

  2. Ergonomic:

  Meet the practice & perfomance demands of all situations.

  Stay healthy for a lifetime!

E.U. (EUROPEAN UNION) Customers:  Save import fees.  Please order from Quena.pl     details

**Until Further Notice, we DO NOT SHIP to the European Union or England.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

   All European Union orders are to be placed with Quena.pl