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De ORO Music is a family business dedicated to helping musicians improve their art.  Our goal is to design and manufacture superior products at a competitive price.  All of our designs grew from a need.  Whenever possible our suppliers are from the U.S.A. or Canada.  All products are manufactured by hand in Canada. 

De ORO Guitar Supports evolved from the need to maintain a normal seated position no matter what the performing situation.  Instead contorting one’s body to hold the guitar, it allows the guitarist to sit normally and the Guitar Support holds the guitar.  It packs inside your case for easy transport and is simple and flexible to adjust.  It is very ergonomic and for me personally has eliminated lower back and neck pain and saved money in chiropractic bills.

Built on the success of our original 2009 design, 2014 saw the introduction of a complete lineup of specialty supports for flamenco, classical and acoustic guitars.  All designed to be flexible, effective, and durable.

The FiniSHIELD was a response to the concern of suction cups scuffing the finish.  My main goal was to find a material that used NO ADHESIVE but still had enough static cling to hold onto a high-gloss finish while subjected to the demands of the player and the guitar support.  It is the only product for this application which is not adhesive based and can be left on the guitar permanently.  The unexpected bonus was that by providing a consistent smooth and blemish-free surface, the suction cups hold like glue!

The Universal Case Strap was a simple solution to a simple problem.  How to maintain the shoulder pad in a useful position when the strap is shortened to it’s limit?  Adjust from both ends so you can keep the shoulder pad exactly where it is needed.  Heavy duty hardware because we all love our instruments.  It’s so universal that it’s even great for laptop cases!

We have some new products in development and are always looking to add to our selection of Transcriptions, Lessons, and CD/DVD offerings.


Diego de Oro

Owner, De ORO Music