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Available for High-Gloss & Matte Finish:
  Non Adhesive Static Cling: High Gloss Finish
  Ultra Low-Tack Adhesive: Matte Finish

- Washable and Reusable.
Works with ALL Guitar Supports
Suction cups hold more secure
Convenient.  Put it on, Leave it on.  
Money saving MultiPack! Set of 1, 2, or 4
Most coverage available.  Each set includes: 8 1/4”  & 5 1/2” (210mm & 140mm) lengths.
Acoustic, Classical and Flamenco Guitars.
Made in Canada with material from the U.S.A.

Canada  3 - 6 business days

U.S.A.    5 - 8 business days

Europe, Australia, South America 

              6 - 12 business days

Important Performance Tips:

  1. -Non-Adhesive Static recommended for High Gloss Finishes.

  2. -Low-Tack Adhesive is a necessity for Matte Finish

  3. -Not recommended for use on Nitro-Cellulose finishes (i.e. Gibson & Martin)

  4. -Clean the instrument surface to be free of any dust or build up.

1 Set   - $8.99     $5.99     Save 33%

2 Sets - $16.99   $9.99     Save 41%

4 Sets - $29.99  $15.99    Save 47%

*1 Set contains 2 pieces: 8 1/4” (lower bout), 5 1/2” (upper bout)

Who needs a FiniSHIELD?

If you have a support (any manufacturer) which looses suction and comes off, this is your solution.

Do I need to put it on each time I play?

NO.  Put it on once and leave it on.  It will not damage your finish.

How does it help?

By creating an ideal smooth surface for the cups, free of dings, pits and scratches.

For use with ALL guitar supports!

Buy in Bulk and Save!

“The FiniSHIELD was the solution to my problem! I am now enjoying playing with the Guitarest Trio, and proper support for the guitar.

Thank you so much for your helpfulness and support as well. I will definitely recommend you - and your products - warmly.”

Ingrid, Norway

”Still rock solid and stable.”

Tom, USA  (Ultra Low Tack FiniSHIELD)

 Praise for our Product!

“Thank you for the well thought out support, and very importantly, the FiniSHIELD.”

Christopher, U.S.A.


“Works great.”

Andrew, U.S.A.

“...the FiniSHIELD was a perfect compliment for the guitar support.  Great products!”

Pedro, Saudi Arabia

Worldwide Shipping