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Make sure the guitar surface is clean, dry, and free of lint and dust. 
2. Peel off the paper backing.
Set one end of the FiniSHIELD in place (1/4” or 10mm) and use your thumb to rub back and forth.
Slowly feed the FiniSHIELD down in place while continuing to rub the leading edge. Remove all possible air bubbles as you rub.

*Make sure no material overhangs.
*Some air bubbles may remain but their
   appearance should diminish over time.
*The FiniSHIELD may be left in place for
   extra convenience.

-To prevent air bubbles, clean the guitar surface so it is free of dust or any build up.
-Keep suction cups within FiniSHIELD edges.
-If you find the edges peeling up after use, this is an indication that the material is too close to the guitar edge.  If necessary, trim the edge of the FiniSHIELD to be about 1/16” (1 mm) from the guitar edge.
-When removing the suction cups release them fully before pulling up.