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“I have found the best.  I use it everyday”

-Jack, U.S.A.(“Classica” - Champagne, stainless & black)

   2 frame styles

   3 finishes

   3 leather colours

  1. Simple to use

  1. 90   adjustability

  1. Flex Frame

  1. Hands free balance

  1. No plastic parts:

  Steel or brass frame

  Premium leather

  1. Adjusts in seconds

  1. Transports in case

  1. Comfortable leather

  1. Optimized for classical


All DE ORO frames use the finest materials for enduring beauty, durability, and long life.

BLACK: Industrial powder coat on a stainless steel frame.

SOLID BRASS: Solid naval brass frame polished and then clear coated to maintain it’s looks. Matching solid brass rivets.

STAINLESS STEEL:  Polished stainless steel frame.


Black                        Dark Brown              Tan

All DE ORO straps are cut from premium oil-tanned leather for exceptional comfort and beauty.

BLACK & DARK BROWN: An elegant looking leather.  Kodiak Oil-Tanned leather features a pronounced grain that gives it a character of refinement and elegant allure.

TAN: A more rugged look.  Has been treated with waxes and dyes in such a way that when the leather is pulled or stretched the finish becomes lighter to give it and “Old World” or “Aged” look.  This is considered a mark of quality.  Colour is returned by rubbing.

Canada  3 - 6 business days

U.S.A.    5 - 8 business days

Europe, Australia, South America 

              6 - 10 business days

Worldwide Shipping



Comfort & Durability

2” (50mm) strap of the best oil-tanned leather.

In black, dark brown, or tan.

Heavy Duty Cups

For long service life.

Industrial Frame

Choose from stainless steel, pure naval brass, or black powder coat on stainless steel for lasting beauty.

The flexible frame reduces torsion on the cups to ensure secure hold.


Designed with the needs of classical guitarists in mind.

  1. No Hands Balance - the 7.5” frame is designed to hold the

  guitar ideally with minimal or zero effort from the left hand.

  1. 18 style choices. Express yourself!

  2. No plastics.  Nothing to break.  Build for a lifetime of use.

  3. Ergonomic:

  Meet the practice demands of classical.

  Stay healthy for a lifetime!

Smooth Glide Folding

Suction Cup post rides on bare stainless steel for smooth, silent folding. 


Black Rod

Brass Rod

Stainless Steel Rod

Price: Reg. $52

Sale $38.99





*Both frames function exactly equal.

No.1 choice for classical guitar professionals and students.


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Important Recommendations:

 Use with a High Gloss Finish only.
Keep the cups and your guitar clean.
Width of frame cups is 9.3 cm.  For narrow guitars see the “FlamencoLoco” guitar support.
Not recommended for use on Nitro-Cellulose finishes (i.e. Gibson & Martin)flamencoloco.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

“CLASSICA” - Classical Guitar Support


"I have tested a lot of support types during last 4/5 years...yours is absolutely the best. I appreciate especially the safety of the suction cups and the elasticity of the structure that permits the player to move during playing without risks."

Stephano (Jacopo Tomadini Conservatory, Italy)

"I've tried many different supports: the Gitano, Dinarette, the Ergoplay, and a few lesser known ones; but none is comparable to the De Oro.  The De Oro ‘Classica’ is simply the best.  It is the definitive support!!!"

Andres, Spain

"I absolutely love how adjustable this thing is and the suction cups have such incredible holding power. Very impressive!  I played and practiced until my fingers ached. My back feels awesome."

Kathryn, USA

"I would like to congratulate you on your guitar support - I have just bought my second one (for my other guitar) and am now recommending them to my students."

Paul, United Kingdom

"I am thrilled with my recent discovery of the De Oro ‘Classica’ guitar support. I looked at many before choosing the De Oro and firmly believe I made the right choice.

1. It allows me to sit comfortably with virtually no strain on my lower back.

2. It is comfortable to play in both classical and flamenco positions and is fully adjustable within these positions.

3. Being made of natural materials it is environmentally sustainable.

4. It's a very reasonable price and I'd recommended it to anybody."

Oliver, Australia

“I really think that ‘Classica’ is a wonderful support!  It wraps around the thigh perfectly! 

Thanks again for inventing such a good thing!”

Jeff, Taiwan

“It's really a great product. I have tried it and some others. It was the most comfortable.”

Tim, USA

“I can't thank you enough for both your product and the great customer service.”

Larry Pattis, USA

"I love this thing.  It's perfect!"

Guru, Canada

"I would never consider using any other guitar support, I have found the best, I use it every day."

Jack, U.S.A.

"They look great and very well made!"

Per-Olov, Denmark

“Loving the support!  Very comfy on my leg.  I 'm very prone to muscle overuse injuries, and this is a godsend!

And thanks so much again for the wonderful customer support.”

Frances, Australia

“My students who've tried it are all very impressed.”

Howard, Canada

“It works well I am very satisfied.”

Johann, Germany

"Very secure and comfortable.  You can't even tell it's there."

Lee, USA

"it's by far the most effective , comfortable, and versatile guitar support I have ever used.

It is a wonderful aid for classical guitar players."

Howard, Australia

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