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Dennis Kwasnycia K45   Spruce/Figured Cocobolo
This Kwasnycia guitar is called a K45 as the shape of the guitar comes from a 1954 Gibson J45.  The sound hole has been...read more

MSRP  $5315    SALE $4395  SOLD!   This page has been kept for comparative and research purposes.Kwasnycia_k45_guitar.htmlKwasnycia_k45_guitar.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1

**De Oro Music acts as a third-person consignment broker only.  Any sale is between guitar owner (seller) and buying party (buyer).  All negotiations, payment, shipping arrangements, etc. strictly between buyer and seller.

Antonio Bernal  Flamenco ProS  CP20   Red Cedar/Cypress

Antonio Bernal describes it, "Handmade guitar used by many prestigious professional guitarists. Very deep sound with loud and...read more

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