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Attach to lower bout

(Guitar shown upside down)

Attach to each bout

(Guitar shown upside down)

To lower neck height

Move suction cups together

To raise neck height

Move suction cups apart

Across Lap / suction cup placement

Left leg / suction cup placement

Across Lap / suction cup placement

Left Leg / suction cup placement

Left Leg / suction cup placement

Right Leg / suction cup placement

How To:  Basic Adjustment

Once you have found your basic placement, the guitar neck can be raised or lowered simply by moving the rear (strap) cup.


How To:  Basic Placement

The manner that every guitarist wears their guitar is personal.  DE ORO Guitar Supports are very versatile and provide a wide range of placement and adjustment variations.  Of the many possibilities, these 2 basic placements provide a good starting point and offer excellent comfort and versatility.

I encourage you to experiment and thereby find a position to your liking.

How To:  Neck Angle

Care and Maintanence

* Keep the guitar surface and the suction cups clean.  This will provide a stronger grip and further minimize the chance of scuffing.

* Do not place heavy items on top of the suction cups.


  1. *Lick it to stick it.  Moistening the cups before each application will ensure optimal suction.

  2. *Make sure the release tabs are facing outward and the top of the strap (check for the logo) is facing the guitar.  If not, this means the support has been installed upside down.  Simply flip the cups around and re-install.

Acoustica, Classica, FlamencoLoco, and Guitarest Trio guitar supports

Easily fit in headstock or neck storage areas of most guitar cases.  When storing in the headstock area, fold the strap on the upper side to act as protection and padding between the support and guitar.

In some soft shell cases, the support can fold up and remain on the guitar in it’s case.  Fold the strap between the guitar and frame.

Mini Traveler

Folds up to remain on the guitar in it’s case.  15mm (3/5”) space and/or collapsible padding required.

Fold the strap between the guitar and frame.

Transport & Storage:

Frame cups can effectively be placed anywhere in this range.

Acoustica, Trio & FlamencoLoco all have the same size frame and neck angle results are similar.  Examples below are for Acoustica, Trio & FlamencoLoco supports.

The Classica has a larger frame to easily achieve the no hands balance.  Examples below are for the Classica support.

While the Classica may also be worn on the right leg, it’s size and balance point is optimized for left leg and lap.

At the placements shown, the guitar is balanced with minimal, or no effort by the left hand.

The Mini Traveler is designed for right leg & left lef.  Examples below are for the Mini Traveler support.

Right leg / suction cup placement