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Attach to lower half

(Guitar shown upside down)

*Recommended for Right Leg placement

Attach to each curve

(Guitar shown upside down)

*Recommended for Classical and Across Lap placement, and when extra neck stability is required.

To lower neck height - move suction cups together

To raise neck height - move suction cups apart

Left Leg High (Classical Position) / suction cup placement

Left Leg Low (Classical Position) / suction cup placement

Across Lap High / suction cup placement

Across Lap Low / suction cup placement

Right Leg High / suction cup placement

Right Leg Low / suction cup placement

Care and Maintanence

The suction cups are treated to make them more supple so they attach with less pressure and prevent scuffing.

* Keep the guitar surface and the suction cups clean.  This will provide a stronger grip and further minimalize the chance of scuffing.

* Do not place heavy items on top of the suction cups. 

How To:  Basic Positioning

The manner that every guitarist wears their guitar is personal.  The GUITAREST  TRIO is very flexible and provides a wide range of adjustment.  I encourage you to experiment to find a position to your liking.

There are 2 basic placement positions that I have found to provide excellent comfort and  flexibility:

How To:  Basic Adjustment

The GUITAREST  TRIO works with the shape of the guitar body to adjust neck height.


  1. *Lick it to stick it.  Moistening the cups before each application will ensure optimal suction.

  2. *Make sure the release tabs are facing outward and the logo graphic is facing the guitar.  If not, this means the GUITAREST has been installed upside down.  Simply flip the cups around and re-install.

How To:  Placement

The GUITAREST  TRIO offers unprecedented versatility with 3 placements - Left Leg, Right Leg, Across the Lap


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