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European Union Shipping Policy

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In July of 2021 the European Union dropped the VAT exemption to €0 on goods being purchased and shipped (valued below €150) from outside the E.U.  This new policy means that European Union citizens must pay VAT on all goods purchased outside the E.U.

Currently, De Oro Music does not have an Intermediary company to collect and submit VAT on behalf of De Oro Music and our European customers.

Rather, when your package arrives in the E.U., it will assessed for VAT Tax at Import Customs.  This tax amount will be collected by your local Postal Service, upon delivery.

To ensure a positive experience for our cherished E.U. customers, De Oro Music has the 2 following options:

Options apply to all purchases above €30. 

OPTION 1:  FREE eBOOK (up to $20 value)

We will send you one of our eBooks for free.  To review our eBooks, click here.


De Oro will refund you the additional fees added on top of your VAT Tax assessed**.  Typically, these additional fees are Brokerage and Service Charges added during the import process.

Please email us proof of the total amount you paid.  We will subtract the VAT tax from the total and reimberse you the difference**.  In summary, you will be responsible for the VAT tax, and De Oro Music will issue a refund on your original purchase for the remaining balance after tax. (to a maximum of €7)








OPTION 2 Example**:

Purchase amount....................................

VAT tax assesed at Import Customs......

Tax due =  ..............................................

Brokerage and Service Fees ..................


REFUND by De Oro Music to Customer..

**amounts will vary for each purchase and country.

   Maximum refund available is €7.

   You must email proof of payment at delivery.


We will send you one of our eBooks for free.  This is up to a $20 value.

See our “Carcassi 25 Studies, Tariq Harb Edition”,

and our “Picado Exercises and Estudios”

Review eBooks by clicking here.

If you elect the free eBook Option, you must email a copy  of proof of VAT payment.  (ex. photo of package with total Customs Charges assessed.)